About Rehoboth Consulting Engineers

Last Modified: 22 Jan 2021

Civil, Structural & Research

Rehoboth was Founded in 2018 to provide professional consultancy services in the areas of Civil & Structural Engineering and Engineering Research. We pride ourselves in having the experience and capability to handle a diverse portfolio of work within the extensive spectrum of Residential, Commercial, Leisure, Industrial and Institutional sectors of the Construction Industry.

Mission Statement

To provide sound engineering through simple and practical solutions”. Our thought through process benefits our clients and allows effective collaboration with other project professionals to deliver excellent engineering solutions

We Operate From Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Our Directors and Associates are a balanced combination of Professional Engineers with extensive experience in all types of building and civil engineering works in the main structural materials of concrete, steel, masonry, and timber.

Our level of skillfulness and expertise is applied wholly to all projects from simple refurbishments to multi-million-pound projects. At Rehoboth Engineers, we aim high at linking research to practical solutions. Consultancy in research is growing in partnership with specialist contractors bringing benefits to the United Kingdom local sector and overseas in Sub-Saharan Africa.